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So after a night/day spent at the hospital, yesterday and today are full blown rest days. It was also, let other people help day. Now, I am one of those people that do not ask for help. At all. I learned-at a young age-to depend on myself to get things done. I've always felt a mixed bag of emotions when attempting to go to others for help. I always feel that I am either a burden, not going to have things done the way I want them to, am asking for too much or just shouldn't be bothering others. It's strange, I know, but it's how I've always felt. But after that hospital visit, my body is just exhausted and I realize, I need all the help I can get! Mind you, this is all pre-baby. What on Earth is going to happen once the peanut is out?

I feel like this is God telling me to, "pump the breaks kid". I work in television, am an author and my life is basically go go go. While I try to "rest", the truth is I really don't. I'm always putting others before me and seriously need to pull back from that. At this point in my life I truly need to understand that "No", is a complete sentence.

-Peace, Love, Recliners & Baby Bumps

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