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Mater-need-ty Clothes.

Here is a rant for the day. 

I went to Target in search of a few maternity items and was shocked to see that they had done away with their Maternity section! I have to admit, I was pissed. I went to Old Navy a month back, same thing. So I'm sitting here thinking, WTF is up with that?? Do designers not think that pregnant women wear clothes? Do we walk around wrapped up in blankets??? Do they think that every pregnant woman is a "Fit Mom" who can fit into pre-pregnancy clothing? (Power to those hot momma's who are!)

If women come in all shapes and sizes, wouldn't it be smart to expect that when they are pregnant they would come in all shapes and sizes as well? I am not a small girl, never have been. Even at my fittest, I've had curves. So I didn't expect to be one of those women who would be small while pregnant. But the fact that finding something to wear is a bit tough, it's pretty freaking crappy. Can I buy "regular" clothes in a bigger size? Surrreeee, but then I end up looking like a hot ass mess!

Hey DESIGNERS!!! How's about a little love for the momma's??? You tell us that we are "hot" and look "great", yet you shun us when it comes to the rack. We spend money just like any other woman would. We are probably willing to shell out more because we are looking for comfort. So how's about showing us more love? 

I apologize for the rant, but I couldn't keep it in!! Lol lol.

-Peace, Love and Blanket Wrapped Baby Bumps!

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