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(Pregnant) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Yesterday I sat at work, inspired to write about being included in fun things, even though I am pregnant. I had one of those moments where the idea came to me (inspired by work events) and I was just determined to write. I promised myself that I would write as soon as I got home. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Instead, I came home-feeling all achy- and just tried to get some cooking and dishwashing done. I could barely get through dinner when the ache turned into seriously excruciating pain. I mean, doubled over, can barely stand up straight, resting isn't helping pain. I tried not to freak out butttttttt, yeah...not happening. The water works started and the icing on the cake- I was home alone. My husband had to work the night shift with no additional coverage. I sat there in pain thinking...well if this is what the real deal is like then feel free to call me a little bitch..cauuussseee...those pains were legit. I immediately called the doctor and surprise, surprise, no answer. The answering service didn't even pick up. So after a few phone calls to see who could take me, I ended up at the hospital. Two monitors, a catheter and various tests later, I found myself being kept over night for monitoring.

Now I know some of you may be saying, "Oh. Those are Braxton Hicks." But, no. Alas, I was having honest to God contractions. But why? Why was I feeling this so early? At only 25 weeks. The answers, like everything else in life were obscure. Ultrasounds, blood work and urine samples revealed that everything was, "fine". But these contractions were still there. I want to tell you that my mind was racing throughout all of this. It wasn't. For the 2nd time in my life, my mind was relatively clear with the exception of a few thoughts. It's like being on a highway with only 5 cars on it your entire trip. If that makes sense. My mind was still. I wasn't bogged down by what if's, I was just thinking of the facts. As they were presented to me. The contractions were real, but not real enough- at the time- to induce pre term labor. There was a good chance that I was very dehydrated- despite of the fact that I drink 3-4 30oz jugs of water as often as possible-which can lead to contractions. The baby was fine. The baby was actually doing better than I was.

My main thought? Anything and everything is truly possible. No matter how much I may try to plan and map things out. The unexpected is just that, unexpected and nothing can truly prepare you for it. I have to truly learn to be in the moment, be aware of my surroundings and especially now, be aware of myself. I must be calm, cool and collected. Worrying will do absolutely NOTHING. After some prayer (because faith is one of the most important things in my life), I realized that I just have to be calm. Come what may, I need to do my best to remain calm and tackle things as they come.

Last night was truly a doozy. I-luckily- was able to walk away from the hospital feeling achy. That isn't the case for many women. I just know that there is way more to life than just pregnant girls having fun.

-Peace, Love & Baby Bumps

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