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When you know, you know.

Of course I just knew...didn't you?

It was a warm and sunny August day, a Thursday to be exact. The birds were chirping and... Who am I kidding here? It was definitely August and definitely a Thursday, when I was sitting at my desk at work and this overwhelming thought/sensation came over me. I'm pregnant, I whispered to myself as I stared blankly at my computer screen. I can't lie, my spidey senses kicked in and I just knew. I did the math in my head. The only time I have ever been great at math in my entire life and it made sense.

So I took a quick detour to CVS on the way home (totally did not tell my husband about my psychic afternoon), purchased one of those new age fancy digital tests and confirmed. PREGNANT. I sat there. For a good 15 minutes after reading the test, I just sat there. I was in a mixed state of shock/disbelief/happy/unsure/wtf is going on here mode. I didn't know how to react. I calmly got up, got presentable and walked over to my husband and showed him the test. He too was in shock. So much so, that he asked that I take 2 more tests. LOL. My still being in disbelief I agreed. There we were after about 30 minutes, just staring at each other.

Did I mention we've only been married for a month?

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